AI powered tools for hand drawn animation.

Cadmium is a creative tool for hand drawn animation. Using machine intelligence, you can color your entire sequence instantly from just a few keyframes.

gif showing collb

watch the demo:

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A collaboration between AI and artists.

A creative tool needs a creative person using it, and that's you! By automating repetetive tasks, Cadmium allows artists to focus on being creative.

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What's Next:

From rough lines to clean.

Choose your line width and automatically convert your roughs into clean lines. Cadmium intelligently fills gaps and removes extra strokes.

rough to clean gif

We love it.

Bring your animation to life with rich texture and style. Simply upload a few keyframes and Cadmium will propagate this texture to the rest of the sequence.

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Shadows and Highlights.

Cadmium recognizes objects and understands depth. Choose your lighting angle and instantly add shadows to your animation.

graphic showing our shadows tech


With your keys and breakdown frames, Cadmium will fill in the missing frames, giving your drawn motion that extra silky smooth.

graphic showing our inbetween tech

Our vision:

When a new tool is created, new forms of art are created with that tool. We want to empower artists to tell their stories in new and exciting ways.

Our team:

Evan Casey

Machine Learning

Evan was a lead research engineer at Cogitai working on deep learning for robotics. Prior to that, he was an engineer Tapad and is an alum of HackNY and the Recurse Center.

Harry Teitelman

User Experience

Harry has been animating professionally since 2009. He has taught animation at the School of Visual Arts, and has worked on films, tv series, music videos, videogames and commercials.

Joe Newbry

Product Development

Joe loves building products on small high-performance teams. Most recently he worked at Mobile Data Labs building MileIQ (acquired by Microsoft in 2016). Before that he was the first employee at Weave (YC Summer 2014).

Mike Manh

Machine Learning

Mike works on frontier technologies blending knowledge across domains to deliver new and unique experiences. He enjoys combining AI with various realities, virtual and augmented, in his work.

Tim Pulver

UI Designer and Developer

Tim is an interaction designer and web developer who loves to craft new kinds of user interfaces. He previously worked on, an innovative web-based visual programming language.

Our investors:

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